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Blogging for Business – 5 Untold Secrets

Tearing down the competition online and breaking into the top 10 search results of search engines isn’t easy. 90% of online entrepreneurs are striving hard to succeed and a few succeed as well. In most cases, blogging spearheads the success. It is apparent that promote the business and services. Write on recent happenings in the [...]

Top 5 Ecommerce Plugins for WordPress

If you’re in two minds to install a plug-in or not, don’t be! Look at eBay, Amazon already doing such great business online with the help of word press plug-ins. It is insanely important to consider an e-shopping platform, if you plan to do business online. functionality of the ecommerce site. Let’s find out the [...]

For an online entrepreneur, internet not only brings in success but failures as well. Of course, the power and freedom offered by the internet has prompted most users to write anything and against anyone with absolute comfort. And fighting against negative sentiments can be off-putting for many. As 90% of people focus on reading reviews [...]

3 Great Ways to Improve Your Presence Online

To become a successful business online, analyzing and updating to the latest marketing techniques is a must. Companies with this approach are relishing sure-fire success and others just falter. In today’s business environment, it is crucial to realize what online business is about and how to place your site ahead of the competitors for better [...]

Matt Cutts, the man that heads the Google webspam team (of course you know him), said last week that guest posting should not be used to gain links. According to him, you shouldn't be guest blogging - its considered as spammy. So, if you've got a blog where you accept guest post ( like on [...]

5 Ways to Get Your Guest Post Published

Guest blogging has been one of the most popular trends these days in the marketing realm. It is used to get higher traffic, boost authority, drive sales and helps your business or advertisement to be known to people around the world. No wonder there are a lot of people who are trying this out. Guest [...]

Problogger ebooks at 50% discount until Jan 1 2014

If you're serious a about building a blog in 2014, then you need to get started now. It takes about six months to build a decent blog and get traffic, some bloggers have done it in less than three months. Your success depends on how much work you put into blogging. Darren (aka Problogger) has [...]

5 ways to easily come up with awesome guest post ideas

You know that guest blogging is the best way to build a popular blog, yet you struggle with it. The problem? You don’t know what to write about. Sure, you’ve written for your own blog plenty. But somebody else…? That’s a different story. All you get is a blank when you sit down to write [...]

Blogging is not for the Unemployed Only

Blogging is not just for unemployed and stay-at-home moms anymore. Just about everyone is a blogger these days whether they realize it or not. If you post something on Facebook and receive comments and feedback then you are a blogger. When you be a blogger. In Business: Blogging is a fantastic platform for promoting your [...]

Where To Get Inspiration For Your Next Blog Post

What do you manage your blog for? Does it tell the world about your thoughts, or you just have it for your business promotion? No matter, what the reason of your blogging is – you should always think of its content. What to write about to attract all readers' attention? How to write a post [...]