Email Marketing

Whether you’re a novice or an expert blogger, you would have realized that more than anything, your email subscribers are your greatest asset. They are the foundation from which you can develop your product and establish a guaranteed income. It is therefore crucial to be equipped with the best software to handle the inflow so [...]

5 Quick Tips to Write Email Copy That Converts

A prime factor having the ability to predict the success and failure of any online business is content copy. Be it on the website or email, a well-crafted content copy will improve the conversion rate exceedingly. engaging with audience is the primary aim of all online companies. An incredible tool that can help businesses to [...]

How to Improve Your Business Email Infrastructure

It’s no secret that email infrastructure is critical to how your business operates. Most businesses are facing a turning point in managing their own email infrastructure, in that traditional on-premise servers have become too costly and time-consuming to operate. Email isn’t new technology, but email infrastructure – the way email is accessed, managed and delivered [...]

With the growing edge of the internet technology and online marketing or advertising email newsletter has become one among the extremely proficient means of communication being employed by small to large level of organizations. This plays a very crucial role towards sharing the latest information along with promoting products and services to its existing or [...]

Your Mailing List is Broken. Here’s How to Fix It.

Your mailing list is broken. And the bigger your list, the more broken it is. If you were to send an email, right now, to your entire list, how many of those addresses would bounce? If you inserted a [FIRSTNAME] [LASTNAME] field in your email, how many of those emails would render an incorrect name? [...]

Seven Common HTML Email Coding Mistakes

HTML email is a prominent marketing tool that works wonders when the coding is done in a correct manner. For freelancers in particular, HTML email coding is in great demand with respect to their clients because of the profitable result that it yields as a marketing technique. The Basics of HTML CodingWhile there are many [...]

7 Smart Ways to Build Your Email Newsletter Without Spending a Dime

Hush.... I'm going to show you how I grew my email list by 50% in 2 months. No, I didn't buy any traffic neither did I do a JV swap with someone; all I did was just... Hmm... I won't reveal anything yet-- you'll find out as we move on. If you're looking for ways [...]

4 Simple Steps to Sell your Products with Email Marketing

Let's clarify what's email marketing. It must not be confused or regarded as spam, for both are different things. a newsletter or a subscription list due to an interest in the product or company. Therefore, since you had indicated interest, the company has sent you materials that they think you would be interested in. Email [...]

8 Useful Tips for Creating Effective & Attractive Email Newsletters

A regular newsletter can be a powerful tool in the hands of a business. When done properly, it will help you keep in touch with customers, increase your sales, and even boost customer loyalty and brand awareness. Unfortunately, many companies approach their newsletter content in an almost random fashion, with little thought to the overall [...]

If you've been active on Twitter, you would have seen tweets relating to the new email creator from GetResponse. My Tweeter stream was filled with tweets regarding this new application that GetResponse users have been raving about. What is different about the GetResponse Email Creator ? create your own newsletter from absolutely nothing to something [...]