Pay Per Click Marketing

Google Launches Adwords App on Android

Now you can manage your Google adwords campaigns on the go - Google recently launched the android version of its adword app. The app allows you to manage you ad campaign performance by changing bids and budgets and getting real time notifications on your campaign. The app should have been launched long back, I am [...]

Google’s Upcoming Enhanced Campaigns: Are You Prepared ?

Google has launched Enhanced Campaigns and has arranged training events in various cities. Those who have participated in the training programs have experienced good results of their web marketing campaigns. The main reason behind introducing these changes is to provide the end users with the most relevant information that they are looking for. However, the [...]

The Future Of Paid Search in 2013

Paid search is generally the first step most people take when they start marketing for a business. Ask any search engine consultant and he'll probably agree with you on this one. Why does paid search get so much attention? Well there's a simple reason: paid search gives you near-instant results. If you are doing it [...]

5 Ways PPC Goals Can Affect A Call Tracking Strategy

Consumers have set goals in mind when searching for current products, services or newly innovated renditions of both: reach the company and learn more about them.   With mobile click-to-call and Skype taking over the internet phone world, customers can now reach your business through Analytics data tracking to properly optimize your ROAS (return on [...]

Query Ads: The High Converting Long Tail PPC Network

QueryAds is a unique PPC ad network which works on targeting real time keywords based on search engine queries. I guess that's why the name Longtail keywords are very effective in conversion and very profitable compared to generic keywords and hence a combination of such keywords make a very lucrative set for for advertisers to [...]

Before you can expect great results from an AdWords campaign, you really need to make sure that everything is neatly organized. The cleaner and more relevant your ad groups and campaigns are, the better your CTR will be and your Quality Score will also rise, resulting in lower costs. I see some common mistakes in [...]

Increase Landing Page Conversions – Here’s What Works

You stare blankly at the landing page of your website. It is hard to believe that even after spending thousands of dollars on such a great landing page for your PPC campaign it never got the desired leads. You've probably got everything right on the page for readers to convert, except a few minor elements [...]

SEO vs PPC: Do they help or hinder each other?

Ahh, the good old fight between SEO and PPC.  As an SEO, it can be frustrating to see PPC diverting valuable clicks from keywords you are at number one for.  It can seem daft; why pay for a click when you could have got it for free if you had forced that visitor to click [...]

How to Write a Compelling Landing Page

A landing page ( also called a writing schools available that can make it easier. Many landing pages are linked through landing page available for indexing. Use “robots meta tag” or “robots.txt directive” for others. This is to ensure that search engines don't think you're trying to spam them with Thesis Theme framework is one [...]

Online Marketing Videos and Tips by PPC Ian

My buddy Ian Lopuch has been playing a very significant role in empowering and educating professionals and students about the impact of PPC ( pay per click ) advertising can have on a product or service. According to the PPC marketing called The blog has tips and strategies on how you can leverage the [...]