5 Emergency Apps for iOS and Android

Natural disasters strike at any time and they have the ability to throw the lives out of gear in no time. Preparing and combating against disasters is crucial to live a stress-free life. Well, with the technology advancement, it is simple to fight, prepare and protect against disasters. Today, mobile have become an integral part [...]

5 Must-Have Security Apps for Women

According to many reports and surveys conducted by different sources, the global crime rate against women is 55-70%. This necessitates the significance of ensuring and employing safety and security measures for them. Protecting each and every woman across the globe is off-putting and practically impossible. But, any woman can protect herself from different kinds of [...]

5 Prerequisites Before Choosing a Right Web to Print Solution

Over the past few years there was a lot of talk about web2print, and as we move forward with technology improvements, having a web to print storefront became a must decision for many print businesses. The outcome of your web-to-print software implementation depends on several factors. We have summarized five aspects you should consider before [...]

5 Can’t Miss Android Apps for Small Business

Setting up a small business may sound a great idea to many! If you’re one such, beware of the risk as there are clear and present dangers for small business owners trying to make quick money. Capital investment is one huge risk that confronts any small business owner. With the advancement of smartphone technology, small [...]

How important is the Mobile App Technology for Businesses

There are many things that come your way when you are making some important plans for your business. Among these roadblocks, the toughest ones are created by you. How come will you yourself jam your way to a better business? Well, it is a well known fact that any business needs to incorporate changes from [...]

How to Win Customers Over with a Live Chat System

Live chat is a popular tool to identify potential customers on a website and increase sales conversion. More than 60% of online shoppers return to an online retailer that has real-time chat options, reported KISSmetrics. Here are some tips to help you better use live chat to win your customers over. Make Great First Impression [...]

7 tips to Select an iPhone app developer

The competition today in the mobile phone market is on the rise owing to several companies ruling the market. Thus, to beat the present situation and stay head and shoulders above other competitors, it is imperative in

Mobilized credit card readers are widely used in the mobile forms of business these days. If your business operates within or outside of the brick-and-mortar store, you can use mobile credit card reading devices. You will be taking payments at client locations, open-air markets, on the streets, or wherever you conduct business. As long as [...]

10 Things To Consider While Developing iPad Apps

The growing market of mobile apps has led to involvement of tuned interpersonal skills that has presented infinite new ideas and innovations. Different platforms for mobile apps development have had different paths to focus upon while checking its usability. Turning our discussion to expert coders or programmers that have successful track record in Apple apps [...]

4 Common Technology Mistakes Small Business Owners Make

Business and technology are now so entwined that no matter what industry the company is operating in, technology will have some impact on the success of the business. Unfortunately, many small business owners are making technology mistakes, often without realising it, that are having a detrimental impact on the success of their businesses. Here are [...]