5 Popular Astronomy apps for passionate Stargazers

Do you happen to be one of those people who love star gazing and have a passion for astronomy? With the wonderful advances happening in science and technology, you now have the convenience of downloading amazing astronomer Star Chart – This wonderful app allows you to step 10,000 years either forward or backward and even [...]

The Top Five Chromecast Apps That You Should Download

With the unbelievable advances that continue occurring in the field of computers, your life is made so much easier with the various apps that can be downloaded these days. Google’s chrome cast TV dongle has become extremely popular and sought out today and they have a fantastic range of applications for you to choose from [...]

In today's fast paced world you are always on the run to catch up with your office assignments, changing shifts, school schedules, family meetings, doctor appointments and more. Well, how do you stay organized and cool headed with so many things around your life keeping you busy and bothered all the time. There are hundreds [...]

Top 5 Technology Trends of 2014 You Just Can’t Miss

Technology developments like responsive and adaptive web design as well as wearable computers and smart watches have created a wave. In addition, mobile application development has reigned the realm of engagement of smart phones whether to check one's health or pay bills. Moving forward, mobiles will continue to handle virtually almost every aspect in our [...]

Google's latest Android version, the Lollipop is quickly begging to unfold on Nexus devices and here are seven unique features that you can't find in the old KitKat version: 1. Tap & Go: - It’s just that simple, the Tap & Go feature is a standout as this lets you share and transfer data like [...]

5 Emergency Apps for iOS and Android

Natural disasters strike at any time and they have the ability to throw the lives out of gear in no time. Preparing and combating against disasters is crucial to live a stress-free life. Well, with the technology advancement, it is simple to fight, prepare and protect against disasters. Today, mobile have become an integral part [...]

5 Must-Have Security Apps for Women

According to many reports and surveys conducted by different sources, the global crime rate against women is 55-70%. This necessitates the significance of ensuring and employing safety and security measures for them. Protecting each and every woman across the globe is off-putting and practically impossible. But, any woman can protect herself from different kinds of [...]

5 Prerequisites Before Choosing a Right Web to Print Solution

Over the past few years there was a lot of talk about web2print, and as we move forward with technology improvements, having a web to print storefront became a must decision for many print businesses. The outcome of your web-to-print software implementation depends on several factors. We have summarized five aspects you should consider before [...]

5 Can’t Miss Android Apps for Small Business

Setting up a small business may sound a great idea to many! If you’re one such, beware of the risk as there are clear and present dangers for small business owners trying to make quick money. Capital investment is one huge risk that confronts any small business owner. With the advancement of smartphone technology, small [...]

How important is the Mobile App Technology for Businesses

There are many things that come your way when you are making some important plans for your business. Among these roadblocks, the toughest ones are created by you. How come will you yourself jam your way to a better business? Well, it is a well known fact that any business needs to incorporate changes from [...]