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Take your Internet Marketing Business to the next level with Launch Tree The title of this blog post has a tall product claim and a benefit that every web marketer wished would come true for his web business. Launch Tree is the ultimate as well as the biggest origination of internet legends, Anik Singal and [...]

A great talk by the inventor of the worldwide web Tim Berners-Lee from this year’s TED conference, well worth spending 18 minutes of your life with. Not a lot of us know that Tim Berners-Lee founded the world wide web. He started to experiment with internet related protocols in 1989 while at work. Today, if [...]

Interview with Marshal Finch on MFinch.ca

Last week I did an interview with Marshal Finch, Marshal is the owner of Regina Website Design, a very successful design and development firm located in Regina, Canada. Regina Website Design helps small and medium companies with planning, design, development and delivery of websites that achieve outstanding results. Marshal also runs a very successful online [...]

Tips to create a Squidoo lens and rank high on Google

Squidoo has been on of the fastest growing sites on the internet, it's a great site not only for building backlinks but also for generating traffic. Google loves Squidoo, if you have a lens on Squidoo it will index the lens much faster and quick than your new blog or site. This will help the [...]

  Template Kingdom provides a very inexpensive and quick way for business and web owners to get a well designed web site by offering great templates. These templates are designed by over a 100 professional designers and are user friendly. Template Kingdom has more than 2000 web templates and more than 50 categories for you [...]

Thinkdigit.com : A good resource to build backlinks

Thinkdigit.com is one of India's leading technology site, the site is an online extension of Indian's largest selling technology magazine - Digit. The site has a very solid Web 2.0 interface and navigation.The design elements and colours are impactful and add to the over aesthetic appeal of the site. The site has a very exhaustive [...]

Marketing Lessons from Guns N’ Roses

"This is to all the Guns N' Roses Fans who stuck with us thro all the s*** " - Axl Rose I've been a hardcore Guns N' Roses fan and I am joined by millions around the globe who await their new album in 17 years..Yeah, you read it right 17 years. By the time [...]

6 Tips for Improving site conversion during recession

If you have a new site or blog, initially you ll find that you don't get a lot of traffic or your traffic is like a roller coaster ride high on some days and low on other days. Don't get intimidated by this trend even the best of bloggers go through such a traffic cycle. [...]

I Got Scammed on a Webmaster Forum

How I got scammed on a webmaster forum and how you can avoid getting scammed : Webmaster forums have be a good source of sharing knowledge and information about web development and web marketing initiatives. Forums have also played a pivotal role in acting as a marketplace to connect buyers and sellers. Here you ll find sellers [...]

The Story of The Gurus

Have you even wondered what it's like to be a full time Internet Marketer? Do you ever feel like walking up to a GURU and asking him how he became the big shot he is now? How did he earn his living prior to mining gold on the net? What is his real story? Consider [...]