Web Marketing

If you’re an online entrepreneur, you might have often analyzed your website’s performance with Google Analytics and there you’d have bumped against something called “bounce rate” for each landing page of your website. What is bounce rate? Why is it so important? Why do businesses keenly focus on this parameter? Interested? Read further. The discussion [...]

10 Ways Smart Web-Sales Automation Can Help Your Online Business

Marketing automation, when employed in the right way, can be a great tool for your business. However, today there are even more advanced web-sales automation solutions available that combine the features of marketing automation, conversion optimization and advanced sales intelligence tools. Such solutions are not reserved only for large business organizations either. There are customer [...]

10 Most Common Mistakes To Avoid When Building Your E-Commerce Site

Building an e-commerce website, either on your own or with assistance, isn’t a task to take on without knowledge of the mistakes that others have made – and there are many. 1. Slow loading times Research into the subject of page layouts should be simple for your customer base with some experts advocating no more [...]

What happens after a retail store closes its doors for the night? Do the mannequins come alive and frolic among the aisles? Are the products cleaned and organized by invisible hands? One thing is certain; at night, retail stores don’t make money. Nobody shops for dress shirts at three in the morning. Store owners must [...]

When it comes to increasing the profitability of your eCommerce business, a lot more is involved than just increasing sales and managing your expenses effectively. One of the biggest expenses that seems to get swept under the rug frequently is the inventory, and a lack of management in particular. There is a thin line between [...]

The 6 Common Mistakes That Ecommerce Site Owners Should Avoid

There are mistakes that you can do when running your eCommerce sites that does not drastically affect the outcome of your sales, but there are also those that does the EXACT OPPOSITE! What ever you do, don’t do the latter otherwise you’ll end up in very dire financial straits. So what kind of mistakes are [...]

If you’re looking to create a website for your company, it might take you weeks or even months to get it done. Not to mention the budget–the cost will definitely run well into thousands of dollars. But maybe all you want is something that works now, something you can set up on your own without [...]

How to Manage Your Ecommerce Website More Efficiently

When you first thought of running an e-commerce site, all you could think about was the money. While there is plenty of it to be made, there's also plenty of hassles to go around. After you've met all of the regulatory requirements for running an online business, you then have to contend with a multitude [...]

4 Ways an Expert Web Designer can Stand Out from the Crowd

While business entrepreneurs increasingly realize the importance of having a well- designed and developed website, there is a high demand for the expert and experienced web designers. Now, these days, there is a lot of discussion on the concept of web designing and even the newest techniques, strategies and methods implemented in the given field. [...]

16 Tips To Help you Sell your Product With Content Marketing

Now that all is said on Digital marketing what’s left to talk about? Believe me, there is no limit to marketing tactics with new ideas. So, this keeps me blogging about Digital Marketing and the role of Content Marketing in selling products online. It’s a know fact that every e-commerce owner is Content Marketing Boulevard [...]