5 High-Quality Premium WordPress Themes Under $80

With everything digitizing, it is quintessential to adhere to the online practices to make the most of it. Customers throng online sites as they are cheap, convenient, and comfortable. So, it is a must to create a compelling website with adorable features to choose from, it is hectic for most to-be themes and plugins has [...]

Top 10 Popular WordPress Plugins for eCommerce Sites

With the evolution of internet, the way we shop and interact with people is made much quicker and easier. If you have set up an E commerce store and looking for ways to simplify and improve your online store sales, then extensions are a must to gain good momentum. Here are top 10 plugin extensions [...]

How to Start a Blog from Scratch

So you want to start a blog and don’t know where to start, right ? A blog’s the right platform to share your knowledge and experience or build a brand around your product/service. There are hundreds of resources and how to guides to help you learn the ropes. But these are mostly technical. We present [...]

Now Use Free Getty Images on Your Blog

The largest site for stock photos - Getty Images has opened up its vast photo resources to all. it will now allow you to embed images on your blog or website for no cost. Yes - for no cost. follow their guidelines. How to Embed images on your blog:

3 Basic User Experience Tips To Improve Your WordPress Blog

As technology continues to take giant strides and marvel us, we are trying our very best to keep up, and rather, grab a little more than we can chew. Leveraging the advancements to our advantage, it’s time to rise to the moment and do justice to our ambitions. And what better way to ride the [...]

10 Immediate Things-to-do after Fresh WordPress Installation

WordPress is the first choice for every blogger. I have been using it since 2011 and even today, I come across little things and I exclaim: “I wish I knew this before”. There are things which you would wish to know before starting your WordPress blog. Therefore, bookmark this guide and follow it in your [...]

Get 70 % Discount – ONLY for the Next 3 2 Days! I want to congratulate my blogger mate Pawan (aka Max Blogger) on MaxBlogPress' 6th Anniversary. Pawan has been instrumental in creating innovative and relevant plugins for wordpress bloggers. I use all his plugins on my blog and have no hesitation in recommending the [...]

My blogger mate Pawan (aka Max Blogger) sent me his top selling plugin - MaxBlogPress Strip Ad Pro. I've been using various plugins created by Pawan across my blog. ( ie. MaxBlogPress Strip Ad Pro Plugin. The strip ad sticks on top of your blog and works beautifully to drive traffic to desired pages. You [...]

Extra WordPress Blog Security Tips to Watch In 2013

Yes, I am a blogger, have been for a long time and won’t stop a long time ahead. Anybody who pretty much does anything online tend to have a blog; no matter how small. If so, you know what it feels thinking you may wake up one morning to Timthumb code (whatever security hole that [...]

Don’t Waste Your Time Learning How to Setup a WordPress Blog

It's almost 2013 and the time, effort, and skills needed to setup a Wordpress blog has come way down. Hosting companies like creating a Wordpress blog or website is a lot easier now than it used to be, I couldn't do it myself. Most people are surprised when I tell them this because I've launched [...]