Twitter now lets you Retweet with Comments

Twitter is making a few strategic changes on their platform. The recent announcement by the team is an initiative that they should have done long back, they've now added "retweet with a comment" feature for users. Prior to this you could only retweet without having the option to comment to your followers about a particular [...]

Good Morning Sunday:The Best Beer Ad?

This one is from Australia - it takes a twist on the car chases from a movie scene and makes a point that you can do anything for the taste of a good beer. Is it the best beer ad ? You tell me .....

You’ll soon see ads in your Twitter profile

As expected - sooner or later this was bound to happen. Twitter is under extreme pressure from shareholders to show profitability and its only source as of now seems to be revenue from ads. Twitter is experimenting a new ad format that could hit users profiles very soon. Just like Facebook, if you're logged in [...]

The legendary Steve Jobs always had a few tricks up his sleeve whether it was innovating new products or a "wow" moment during his launch presentations. He was a true entertainer - on and off stage. He had this funny knack about not revealing that "one thing" during product launches. He kept the best for [...]

5 Popular Astronomy apps for passionate Stargazers

Do you happen to be one of those people who love star gazing and have a passion for astronomy? With the wonderful advances happening in science and technology, you now have the convenience of downloading amazing astronomer Star Chart – This wonderful app allows you to step 10,000 years either forward or backward and even [...]

Ira Glass is the host of the radio show , "This American Life". In this one minute animated video he gives you a lesson that you'll remember for life. If you're starting out setting up a business or working to get things sorted on your own this lesson from Ira Glass will keep you motivated [...]

The Top Five Chromecast Apps That You Should Download

With the unbelievable advances that continue occurring in the field of computers, your life is made so much easier with the various apps that can be downloaded these days. Google’s chrome cast TV dongle has become extremely popular and sought out today and they have a fantastic range of applications for you to choose from [...]

Facebook removes inactive accounts from page likes

Facebook is taking some bold decisions in making the platform meaningful and relevant to businesses and users. It has decided to remove inactive accounts from business pages, accounts that seem spammy and in active will be cleaned out. According to the business pages is insightful and accurate. While some big names have been impacted due [...]

7 Simple Steps to use Twitter to Market your Business

You have to be aware that Twitter is unbelievably large with 500 million users tweeting 400 million tweets and searching for umpteen terms every day. So you just need to be smart enough to turn these save your data as only then you can get alerted whenever somebody tweets to the prospective search terms. 2. [...]

If you love music and are passionate about playing a musical instrument, you must have a look at this video. When you listen to music your brain gets engaged and active, but this is what happens to your brains when you play an instrument. It's a work out for the brain. Start playing an instrument, [...]