Puppy Love is YouTube’s Ad Blitz 2014 Winner

During Super Bowl YouTube asked viewers to vote for their best commercials, the winners were selected based on top votes. YouTube has announced its list of winners for Ad Blitz 2014 and I am not surprised that 'Puppy Love' - the ad from Budweiser has taken the top spot. The commercial has crossed more than [...]

Good Morning Sunday: Forgive and Be Happy

How many times have you forgiven someone ? Do you forgive people easily ? Do you lose your upper hand when you forgive ? Should you forgive and forget ? Psychologists have found a co-relation between forgiveness and happiness. Forgiveness leads to less stress, low anxiety and higher level of happiness. My friends at Soul [...]

If you’re looking to create a website for your company, it might take you weeks or even months to get it done. Not to mention the budget–the cost will definitely run well into thousands of dollars. But maybe all you want is something that works now, something you can set up on your own without [...]

My friend at Zen Pencils shares great teachings on inspiration. I hope you make the best of it. Have a Super Sunday and a great week ahead :) All Credits: ZenPencils.com

Facebook Turns 10 Today

Today is Facebook's 10th anniversary. What a journey its been for the site that was started in a Harvard dorm room by Mark Zuckerberg on 4th Feb 2004. The fastest growing site on earth is now used by 1.23 billion users worldwide. A platform where you've shared your happiest moment and your painful memories. In [...]

While advertisers get ready to pull out all their marketing tools to make a big impact during The Super Bowl today, lets look at some of the ads that have been released online in the last few days. Of course there will be more ads when Super Bowl starts but that's going to be a [...]

Katy Perry hits 50 million followers on Twitter

Katy Perry hits 50 million followers on Twitter. And its not who we all thought would be the first to touch that milestone - not Justin Beiber, not Lady Gaga and not Barack Obama. The 29 year old singer is now the first person to have 50 million followers on Twitter. According to Twitter Counter [...]

3 Basic User Experience Tips To Improve Your WordPress Blog

As technology continues to take giant strides and marvel us, we are trying our very best to keep up, and rather, grab a little more than we can chew. Leveraging the advancements to our advantage, it’s time to rise to the moment and do justice to our ambitions. And what better way to ride the [...]

In today's Good Morning Sunday series, we feature an awesome video with His Highness - The Dalai Lama. In this 8 min video The Dalai Lama gives us his view on what is happiness ? It's important to understand what is happiness only then can you work towards achieving it. According to The Dalai Lama [...]

Matt Cutts, the man that heads the Google webspam team (of course you know him), said last week that guest posting should not be used to gain links. According to him, you shouldn't be guest blogging - its considered as spammy. So, if you've got a blog where you accept guest post ( like on [...]