The Top Five Chromecast Apps That You Should Download

With the unbelievable advances that continue occurring in the field of computers, your life is made so much easier with the various apps that can be downloaded these days. Google’s chrome cast TV dongle has become extremely popular and sought out today and they have a fantastic range of applications for you to choose from [...]

Facebook removes inactive accounts from page likes

Facebook is taking some bold decisions in making the platform meaningful and relevant to businesses and users. It has decided to remove inactive accounts from business pages, accounts that seem spammy and in active will be cleaned out. According to the business pages is insightful and accurate. While some big names have been impacted due [...]

7 Simple Steps to use Twitter to Market your Business

You have to be aware that Twitter is unbelievably large with 500 million users tweeting 400 million tweets and searching for umpteen terms every day. So you just need to be smart enough to turn these save your data as only then you can get alerted whenever somebody tweets to the prospective search terms. 2. [...]

If you love music and are passionate about playing a musical instrument, you must have a look at this video. When you listen to music your brain gets engaged and active, but this is what happens to your brains when you play an instrument. It's a work out for the brain. Start playing an instrument, [...]

Google Launches Adwords App on Android

Now you can manage your Google adwords campaigns on the go - Google recently launched the android version of its adword app. The app allows you to manage you ad campaign performance by changing bids and budgets and getting real time notifications on your campaign. The app should have been launched long back, I am [...]

Make Money with LeadsGate Affiliate Program

The sphere of affiliate marketing is extending day by day and right now it’s extremely competitive, which is especially true in case of the payday loan niche. Given the fact, there’s so much cash at stake, you might come across various companies offering have a website then you can simply use the JS forms to [...]

Good Morning Sunday: Ikea’s New “BookBook” Rocks

Ikea launched its new "BookBook", its 8 mm thin, weighs less than 500 gms and has the capacity to store tons of images and content. While Apple spends millions of dollars on their iPads, the new "BookBook" by Ikea has been launched at a much less cost. Check out the video, Experience the power of [...]

Twitter has announced the launch of it's official wordpress plugin for blogs and websites on wordpress. The plugin offers a suite of twitter related applications that include twitter cards, embedded tweets and video. the tweet share button, analytics, twitter advertising and a base library. The plugin is available in 28 languages and is aimed to [...]

Good Morning Sunday: Look Who’s Going to Mars

In 2024, 4 humans will go to Mars..... In 2012, the non profit "Mars One" announced plans to colonize Mars, also know as the Red Planet. More than 2,00,000 people from across the global applied for spot in the four seater space shuttle. It's a one way ticket, those who go will never return to [...]

How Blogs Get Missed out on Account of Facebook’s Organic Reach Organic Reach? - For those of you who don't know or haven't heard of Facebook’s organic reach, it can be simply explained as a means to blog content on Facebook and other social media sites. And quite frankly many of these very same people [...]