Don’t Make an Excuse, Make an Effort

If you are not moving towards becoming an authority in your niche, the future of your blog is very dim. You ll always remain a small timer and will never be able to make any impact on your category.The truth is that making money on the internet is becoming a lot tougher than it was [...]

This is now a “DoFollow” Blog

The "NoFollow" HTML tag that most blogs have by default completely ruins the natural process of link building. I am a believer of the natural link building process that helps your site gain higher PR and higher search results on Google. What is a "DoFollow" Blog ? A "DoFollow" Blog is a blog that makes the natural [...]

MSN Adcentre Sucks ( Part 2 )

Related post MSN Adcentre Sucks Part 1 After about 2.5 weeks of calling the Adcenter customer support I finally got an answer today. MSN Adcenter displayed ads that I had paused a week back. Apparently their system cannot pause the ads the moment you click on pause , ( They actually told me that their system was [...]

Win Easy Cash from John

Contests are becoming one of the most effective marketing tools for bloggers. It adds loads of excitement and the prize kit is big on most blogs. John Chow launched a Cash Win Contest alongwith Market Leverage on his blog. All you need to do is comment on his contest post and you have a chance [...]

5 Essentials while uploading images on your blog

Below are the top 5 essential elements to ensure blog / site optimisation when you upload images.  1)  Include relevant keywords in your image name. Ensure that the keywords for the images are relevant to the post or to your blog or site. ( ie. instead of DSC- image.32 , you can name the image as Affiliate marketing.jpg or Make [...]

MSN Adcentre Sucks ( Part 1 )

I've been using MSN Adcentre to market a few affiliate products. I have a total of 12 campaigns running running MSN Live, a month back I had stopped 4 of the campaigns as I did not see any monetary results from the search results. While i happen to check out competitive products on MSN I happen to [...]

Killer Contest at

My Blogger mate Ganesh is holding a Killer Contest at his blog - I am a regular visitor to Blog Smartly and hold Ganesh in high esteem. The contest has already received great response in the blogging world with great support from the top bloggers. There are amazing prizes to be won, one of [...]

Get Free Traffic from

I got a mail from Shoemoney last night telling me that I had won a free T Shirt for posting a comment on his site. If you click on the above image you ll see that WebTrafficROI has been featured as a link on Shoey's home page. The best part of being featured as a contest [...]

Win this Mega Contest

My blogger mate Shanker Bakshi is holding a Mega Contest on his blog. This is the third successful contest that he is running on his blog. This time its much bigger and more power packed. The mega contest has tons of prizes for the winner , worth more than $ 500 alongwith more than 15,000 Entrecard credits. The [...]

How do I find a good Affiliate program ?

Which are the top affiliate programs ? How do I choose the best one to promote ? It's a question that I get asked a lot lately.  How do I find a good affiliate program to promote outside of Clickbank or Commission Junction. My plan was to turn this into a short report and sell [...]