Good Morning Sunday: How to Love and Be Loved

"All you need is Love" is a song written by John Lennon and performed by the Beatles in 1967. It is one of the greatest songs in music history. Warren Buffet said that his secret to success was the unconditional love his received from his parents in his childhood. There must be something about love [...]

10 Most Common Mistakes To Avoid When Building Your E-Commerce Site

Building an e-commerce website, either on your own or with assistance, isn’t a task to take on without knowledge of the mistakes that others have made – and there are many. 1. Slow loading times Research into the subject of page layouts should be simple for your customer base with some experts advocating no more [...]

Google has made it very clear that one of the key signals for how well your site ranks is your site's speed. The Google algorithm is now very capable of detecting the loading speed of your site. If your site does not load fast, consider it as a soft target for a Google penalty. A [...]

Life's biggest mistakes are life's greatest opportunities. Either you learn from your mistakes and use that as stepping stones to success or you keep making the same mistakes....and nothing improves. I've made many mistakes in life, I am not perfect and no one is - but a lot of these mistakes have taught me biggest [...]

Internet Marketing Automation- How To Do It Right

Let’s face it, online marketing takes a lot of time. Keyword research, creating rank-worthy content, getting that content shared through social media, and building links are all tasks that can suck up a huge amount of time. They can easily take up 40 hours/week each. But still, small business owners, PPC advertising, keyword research, content [...]

You're awesome, when you are yourself. Many times we are compared to others - in school we are compared to other kids, at home we are compared with our neighboring kids or cousins. My friend at ZenPencils has this awesome graphic on what happens when you compare yourself to others. To understand yourself is the [...]

Matt Cutts on using Disavow Links Tool

Matt says that you can use the disavow tool to share links with Google you don't want to be associated with. ie. in case you want to remove links from a particular domain, you can do so using the disavow tool. If your blog has been hit by tip from Matt: He says that if [...]

In today's Good Morning Sunday series we feature an inspiring Ted talk from a super human. He's super human as he can't do things that you and me can do, yet he can do everything and more that you and me can do. And can probably do it better than us. He's been an inspiration [...]

The 4 Best Social Media Apps for your Business

Some of the most often used apps online these days are social media related. People the world over, and in all walks of life, are using Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Instagram every single day. They’re using these tools to share their ideas, entertain their friends, and give personal updates to those in their [...]

What happens after a retail store closes its doors for the night? Do the mannequins come alive and frolic among the aisles? Are the products cleaned and organized by invisible hands? One thing is certain; at night, retail stores don’t make money. Nobody shops for dress shirts at three in the morning. Store owners must [...]