Laugh, Live, Cry...make your live spectacular Here's a one minute tribute to Robin Williams with clips inspired from his movies. ‘Please, don’t worry so much, because in the end, none of us have very long on this Earth. Life is fleeting, and if you’re ever distressed cast your eyes to the summer sky, when the [...]

5 Quick Tips to Write Email Copy That Converts

A prime factor having the ability to predict the success and failure of any online business is content copy. Be it on the website or email, a well-crafted content copy will improve the conversion rate exceedingly. engaging with audience is the primary aim of all online companies. An incredible tool that can help businesses to [...]

Good Morning Sunday: How To Build Your Self Esteem

Whatever you do in life, whatever your goals are - You cannot achieve anything without having a high self esteem about yourself. All success is based on high self esteem. In this 9 minute Ted Talk Niko Everett, founder of Girls for Change shares a practical guide on how you can build your self esteem. [...]

5 Tips to Build a Powerful Responsive Website

With the evolution of internet, the necessity to offer the products and services through websites has increased. Reports reveal nearly 91% of people prefer buying their favorite products through websites as it offers tremendous sophistication to them. So, it is prudent that solid tips using which creating a compelling responsive website for better returns will [...]

Arianna Huffington is the founder of The Huffington Post, one of the most visited news site on earth. She founded the site in 2005, the site was sold to AOL for $315 million in 2011. Arianna was named as one of the most influential women in media by Forbes in 2012. Today's Good Morning Sunday [...]

Top 5 Ecommerce Plugins for WordPress

If you’re in two minds to install a plug-in or not, don’t be! Look at eBay, Amazon already doing such great business online with the help of word press plug-ins. It is insanely important to consider an e-shopping platform, if you plan to do business online. functionality of the ecommerce site. Let’s find out the [...]

Jim Carrey made a speech to graduate students of Maharishi University of Management. He was his usual funny and charismatic most of the time but what is said after about 10 minutes of speaking was profound. Listen to him very carefully at 10.18 secs, what he says will change your life. Profound... Let me know [...]

How to Plan Ahead While Creating Viral Videos

Filming a video is easy: have an idea, get a camera and have people act it out. What’s hard is creating a viral video, one which rapidly spreads across the Internet, or which is loved by your target audience. To Your core followers are likely going to be there for you after the video makes [...]

Social Login Converts Your Website into a Lean, Mean Conversion Machine

Your website’s inability to convert visitors can be directly linked to the lack of engagement happening on your site. A website must interest in order to convert. In order to pique interest, a website must take the route of online personalization and create compelling customer experiences. Personalization is an absolute must for boosting onsite conversions: [...]

Do you need to be successful to be happy or do you need to be happy to be successful? Shawn Achor, has a super job - I would love to trade places with him :) He is teaches happiness to people for a living. As CEO of Good Think Inc. he is responsible to spread [...]