PaydayMansion – An Effective Affiliate Network

Payday loan traffic in the United States and many other countries is growing exponentially. Most of the traffic to these sites are generated by affiliate networks. The best payday loans affiliate programme is PaydayMansion. They are the domain experts in this industry with unmatched marketing support and huge commissions paid to affiliates. join as affiliates. [...]

Not selected in the school basketball team, he locked himself in a room and cried. Michael Jordan needs no introduction, considered as one of the best basketball players of all times, credited to make the NBA a household name around the globe. Having a super basketball career he has been one of the highest paid [...]

1000 Blog Posts – 5 Lessons Learnt

Let me be honest here - When I first start this blog in 2008, I never thought it would someday reach a 1000 blog posts. I am still trying to figure out what happened :) and how the heck did the blog reach 1000 blog posts. I have to thank all of you for being [...]

5 Popular Drupal Modules to Improve Your Website

Drupal can be very effective to create websites. Because it's an advanced open source web content management system, you can create all kinds of different identities. Drupal has a very exhaustive list of modules that you can use to create better websites, these modules are similar to plugins that come with Wordpress. Below are 5 [...]

Good Morning Sunday: My Last Days – Meet Zach

With only months to live, how do you say goodbye ? Zach turned to music, a 17 year old diagnosed with a rare form of cancer, can't stop writing lyrics with only months to live, he wants to viral video about his life and how he inspired people in his final days to live life [...]

5 Most Annoying Things about Common Blog Post Titles

Because blogs have become such a vital part of so many marketing efforts, it is critical that all their constituent parts be appealing and informative.  This includes the title. You can avoid alienating your readers if you also avoid annoying them.  Of course this is a challenge, given that you have such limited space and [...]

4 Apps to Boost Your Small Business

Let’s face it-more and more business transactions are being done online. Not only that but majority of a business’ potential target market are also online. These facts being true, there is no doubt that being able to manage the online aspect of your business are something worthwhile.  Technology is heading in the direction where anything [...]

It has been discussed and debated to death in the week prior to the official announcement: the fact that Internet giant Yahoo had plans on getting the rapidly-burgeoning social blogging platform Tumblr. It has received very mixed reactions, many of the users on the site itself protesting the very act, to the point that they [...]

I've struggled all my life to get up early...I just can't do it. I've tried hard and done every bit to be an early riser...lead to success ? Listen carefully to Robin Sharma, in the below video. He gives you 5 super tips for rising up early. And yes watching this video I've started to [...]

Emphasis on Big Data for Business: Are we Up for the Challenge?

"With too little data, you won’t be able to make any conclusions that you trust. With loads of data you will find relationships that aren’t real… Big data isn’t about bits, it’s about talent”–Douglas Merrill Big data is a collection of big data. Dumb right? But that’s the simplest definition there is. Big data combined [...]