All Problogger ebooks are just at $10 – Only Today

Darren Rowse ( aka Problogger ) is having a Super Discount on all his blogging books. Problogger is the ultimate resource on blogging and making an income from blogs. Darren has built a million dollar blogging empire in less than 10 years. To celebrate his 10 year Anniversary of Blogging, he is offering all his [...]

Don’t Waste Your Time Learning How to Setup a WordPress Blog

It's almost 2013 and the time, effort, and skills needed to setup a Wordpress blog has come way down. Hosting companies like creating a Wordpress blog or website is a lot easier now than it used to be, I couldn't do it myself. Most people are surprised when I tell them this because I've launched [...]

Make Money Blogging with John Chow

If you've not heard of John Chow, you've probably been living under a rock or are new to blogging...and that's absolutely fine. A few years ago I was new to blogging too and did not know who John Chow was, till I accidentally read about him in a magazine called Entrepreneur. Blogging with John Chow, [...]

6 Easy Ways for Attracting New Customers to Your Ecommerce Site

Nowadays, many businesses are using ecommerce to promote their products or services. The following are some tips which can help you attract new customers. 1. Use affiliate marketing increase of new customers. 2. Ask for recommendations There are probably several customers who have had a pleasant experience using your products or services. Such satisfied customers [...]

The last 12 - 14 months have not been the best for businesses, I am not talking about the economic and financial downtrend. I am referring to the loss of three brilliant thought leaders. We lost Stephen Covey to a freak bike accident a few months ago and on thursday, 28 th November we lost [...]

Using the Power of Social Proof to Grow your Local business

Typically, purchasing decisions are not made without doing research and gathering information. However, the means by which consumers are getting the information to make educated choices is rapidly changing. It is becoming clear that the future of main street business marketing has been shifting toward the confluence of local, mobile, and social (Lo-Mo-So) factors. The [...]

How to Reduce the Bounce Rate on Your Blog

If you use Google Analytics or a similar tool, you should be aware of the bounce rate on your blog or website. This number refers to visitors who leave your site from the landing page without visiting any other pages. This is usually a bad sign, as you want visitors to spend as much time [...]

CRAZY Cyber Monday Sale - 50 % Discount on all HostGator Hosting Plans only for the next 24 Hours HostGator's Black Friday 50% off on all hosting plans was a mega success, but it was only for 24 hours. This limited offer period did not give everyone a chance to grab the web hosting discount [...]

"Happy Thanksgiving" to all our readers and friends in the US, I hope you had a good time eating turkey with family. We Thank You for supporting us, we are very fortunate and grateful. The season sales continues here over the weekend for bloggers. If you missed the Woo Themes is offering a 20 % [...]

CRAZY Black Friday Sale - 50 % Discount on all HostGator Hosting Plans only for the next 24 Hours If you've been waiting for this CRAZY SALE its here and only available for the next 24 hours. The annual HostGator since the last four years, I also host a number websites and blogs on HostGator. [...]