Building Trust with Effective PR Campaign

"Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me". This is an old saying, but the fact is it doesn't hold water when it comes to your business. Words were once fleeting things that were said then disappeared forever, hence why it's said they're nothing compared to a more lasting injury. [...]

Apple Launches iPad Mini

Apple launched the much awaited ipad mini, the 7.9 inch tablet in its biggest product move since the debut of ipad two years ago. The mini launch is a direct take to dent in to the market share of Google's Nexus and Amazon's Kindle. We had blogged last week about the rumored comments on the [...]

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Do you have what it takes to become an Entrepreneur ? Below is an awesome video that gives you tips and advise from some of the best start up entrepreneurs. Some of the best start up advise : "

Samsung Galaxy Premier GT i9260 gets Leaked Online

Despite the whole hullaballoo around Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S3 Mini, another unannounced handset dubbed the Samsung Galaxy Premier, also known as the GT-I9260, gets leaked online through an actual press shot forums but none of them has been confirmed other than earlier information that the new device would be a revamped version of the Samsung [...]

Matt Cutts today announced the Google disavow links tool today. This is good news for webmasters as this tool will now allow you to remove spam links. If you site has been spammed by thousand of spam link backs or if you've been a victim of official announcement here. The tool is very simple to [...]

How to Cut Business Costs with Cloud Computing

Cloud computing represents the most significant step in the streamlining of everyday office environment tasks since email and the computer itself, according to an article on CDW and outlined by Channel Insider’s found that among current cloud users, 84 percent said they cut application costs by moving to the cloud. On average, the CDW survey found, cloud users [...]

Good Morning Sunday: How to Become Powerful

"Our bodies change our minds" - Amy Cuddy Body Language is a very powerful way of communication and interaction. Social scientists have spent a long time studying how our body behavior affects our personality. What is your body language communicating to other and how do they perceive what you are trying to communicate when you [...]

iPhone 5 and iPod revealed, How about the iPad mini?

The release of iPhone 5, although anticipated came as not entirely a surprise for the spectators. Despite the crazy wait, rumors circulating about the features associated with Apple's latest project have spoiled the fun. Yet again, netizens are not just anticipating for the release of iPhone 5 as the tech world buzzed about the release [...]

5 Ways PPC Goals Can Affect A Call Tracking Strategy

Consumers have set goals in mind when searching for current products, services or newly innovated renditions of both: reach the company and learn more about them.   With mobile click-to-call and Skype taking over the internet phone world, customers can now reach your business through Analytics data tracking to properly optimize your ROAS (return on [...]