6 Tips to Make Smart Blog Comments That Get Noticed

Blog commenting is a well known strategy to get traffic and build backlinks. Yet it's been around for so long, some people think it's dated and obsolete. This is not actually the case, as it's still possible to use blog commenting to your advantage. But because so many bloggers and online marketers are using this [...]

10 Things to Blog About When You Are Out of Ideas

When you blog day in and day out you can run out of idea. It is just a simple fact of life. No person can endlessly come up with new and inventive things to write about on their own. In fact, I find myself at a loss for what to write quite often. You see, [...]

Life is awesome, it's too short to be sad all the time. Love who you want to be and live who you want to be. How would your live be if you capture all your moments and sequence it into a montage. Imagine all the funny, sad, happy moments of your life all edited and [...]

Google’s Upcoming Enhanced Campaigns: Are You Prepared ?

Google has launched Enhanced Campaigns and has arranged training events in various cities. Those who have participated in the training programs have experienced good results of their web marketing campaigns. The main reason behind introducing these changes is to provide the end users with the most relevant information that they are looking for. However, the [...]

5 Simple Tips for Optimizing a Mobile Website

For years, businesses have known the importance of having a presence on the Internet. As more consumers turn to mobile devices to surf the Internet, those businesses are now finding it just as important to have a website optimized to be used on those devices. Since they operate differently than desktop computers, designing them requires [...]

4 Easy Ways To Convert The First Time Visitor To A Lifetime Visitor

The big question, how can you convert a first time visitor to your blog into a lifetime visitor? How can you glue them and make them stay on your blog for a while, bookmark it and keep visiting it frequently? Well, if you ask me how I got started with blogging and affiliate marketing in the [...]

Good Morning Sunday: Do You Need More Money ?

Do you need more money ? Stupid question, all of us need more money, I do :) and I am sure all of us do. But how do you react to the thought that you need more money but you don't have more money. Does the thought cause a lot of stress, do you feel [...]

Remember the good old days when all your website had to do was catalogue your products and services? Well, those days are well and truly over. As Joe Shervell mentioned

5 Effective Ways to Popularize Your Blog this 2013

Blogs and bloggers are growing by leaps and bounds. On last count in 2012, there were a total of 59.4 million blogs on wordpress and 87.8 million blogs on tumblr (Click here for source). The number of blogs in 2013 will be far higher. What once consisted of a small group of bloggers has now grown [...]

Good Morning Sunday: How to Develop True Confidence

In a short and a very powerful 3 minute video - Brian Johnson gives us a brief lesson in developing true confidence. According to Brian, it takes more than just your abilities to succeed. He gives a few examples of how people with true confidence overcame weight loss and job challenges. True Confidence = Ability [...]