Good Morning Sunday: The Future is a Thought

Do you believe in the future ? Have you been to a Psychic Reader to see your future ? Well, according to Eckhart Tolle, there is no such thing as future. He says, " All future is your thought". Rightly so, I've always believed in the saying by Buddha, "What you think, you become" In [...]

If you’ve every visited Toronto, Canada you would have seen signs outside shops that say, “Psychic Healing” or “Psychic Reading”. Psychic reading is a very visible business in Toronto. Every intersection has at least one Psychic Reader that offers psychic healing offerings, of course is a sign up to become an affiliate of the Oranum [...]

Your Mailing List is Broken. Here’s How to Fix It.

Your mailing list is broken. And the bigger your list, the more broken it is. If you were to send an email, right now, to your entire list, how many of those addresses would bounce? If you inserted a [FIRSTNAME] [LASTNAME] field in your email, how many of those emails would render an incorrect name? [...]

4 Factors How Cheap Hosting Can Kill Your Site

Often business owners face trouble when it comes to take hosting services for their new or existing websites. It is the most abstruse part of web development process for non-technical entrepreneurs. It even frightens tech-savvy web administrators when they take reputation of a website. Despite facing the eventual loss, users do not understand the real [...]

Shopping Cart Abandonment: What is it and how to recover from it?

If a recent survey from Baymard institute is to be believed, not less than an average of 67.75% of online shopping carts are actually abandoned. How depressing is that? We would rather ask you to think about all of it for a few seconds. Think about all the hard work that went into leave at [...]

Good Morning Sunday: Spread The Joy

It feels good to see happy people around, happy people bring positive energy and joy. But how often do you bump into them ? My favorite You Tube channel Kid President video series recently created an inspiring video around happy everyday people. This 2 min video clip will add a lot of Be Happy, Stay [...]

How Technology Helps the Avid Reader

For book lovers, the fresh scent of a brand-new paperback or even the faint musty smell of old favorites totally blow away any smartphone, tablet, or ebook reader. Some people prefer having their literature on their mobile devices. Regardless of where you stand on this matter, there's no doubt that technology has a lot to [...]

How Facebook Hashtags Will Affect Online Marketing Efforts

Facebook has officially embraced the online reality of the Twitter-originating hashtags — which means businesses will have to add these new Facebook tools to their list of social marketing considerations. If you are unaware of what a hashtag is, the concept is easy to understand and can provide your business with powerful free marketing. With [...]

My blogger mate Pawan (aka Max Blogger) sent me his top selling plugin - MaxBlogPress Strip Ad Pro. I've been using various plugins created by Pawan across my blog. ( ie. MaxBlogPress Strip Ad Pro Plugin. The strip ad sticks on top of your blog and works beautifully to drive traffic to desired pages. You [...]

This video gave me the chills, there can't be a better inspiration to get you going in life. Today's Good Morning Sunday features Tommy Carroll, a professional skateboarder. In the video Tommy reveals challenges he faces in everyday life and his fight to what's your excuse. "Your time is limited, so don't waste it living [...]