Good Morning Sunday: Remembrance Day Canada

Canada today celebrates Remembrance Day. Remembrance Day (also known in Canada as Poppy Day) commemorates civilians and military personnel who lost their lives in armed conflicts. Many people across

Top 3 Budgeting Apps for Personal and Business Use

The world of mobile applications is expanding all the time, with more and more people learning how to make their own. There are many different categories that these apps fall into, from social to artistic, educational to gaming. As so many of us have busy, hectic lives, and they can collate all the aspects [...]

5 Effective Ways Not to Lose Focus While Blogging

Blogging is not solely a fun-filled hobby that it used to be a few years back, for now it has transformed into a viable business opportunity for many which has made surviving as a blogger all the more difficult. With so much to do in order to ensure growth for our blogs, it is imperative [...]

Good Morning Sunday: Three Simple Rules in Life

Life is simple. We complicate it. One of our readers sent me this awesome Three Simple Rules in Life, they hold so much value and are so true in everyday life. Let us all live by these three simple need to work hard to get what you want, you'll need to put in a lot [...]

5 Ways to Improve a Product Page of an Ecommerce Website

More often, a successful ecommerce website depends on its product page. A product page highlights the area where visitors and shoppers are encouraged to press the button “Buy/Purchase.” It is that critical page where people decide to enter their credit card number. You should not only consider the aesthetic aspect of an above the fold, [...]

Happy Halloween with Google Doodle

Going Trick or Treating today ? Google has launched it's interactive Halloween Doodle, the doodle is available in US, Halloween doodle you can knock on the spooky doors of the hunted house and expect it to surprise you :) There are lots of elements you can play around with on this doodle... the skeleton, the [...]

Future of your Business is Data Centric Personalization

All data is future...All future is data Search engines, website designs, and online marketing strategies share one common denominator — they seek to create better user experiences for viewers. Companies like Google, Phorm and others invest tremendous resources to make searches more efficient, cut down on irrelevant search engine returns, and make user experiences pleasing [...]

8 Simple Tips to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

Do you find it hard to drive traffic to your blog? Are you already getting traffic but you're tired of the results you're getting? If your answer is ''yes'', the tips I'll be sharing soon with you are going to help you overcome your challenges... Don't waste your time SEO content writers to help raise [...]

"Someday never exists, never has and never will, there is no someday..only today"........this line from the video has made my Sunday :) An awesome video to start your week, it has powerful Real Supermen don’t leap over windows in a single bound, they take small determined steps, consistency over time.” "It's not about finding out [...]

Building Trust with Effective PR Campaign

"Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me". This is an old saying, but the fact is it doesn't hold water when it comes to your business. Words were once fleeting things that were said then disappeared forever, hence why it's said they're nothing compared to a more lasting injury. [...]