7 Ways to Help SEO Without Link Building

Link building is the bread and butter tactic of SEOs. It’s the most talked about and most sought after. Companies that do it right can make a page skyrocket in search, but do it wrong and you’ll be penalized and end up further down. If you’re one of the lucky ones to make it, the [...]

10 Compelling Reasons Why Marketers Should Not Ignore Google+

The social network launched by Google though not yet a tough competitor to Facebook and Twitter, but still has enough features and potential to retain a huge number. With social media marketing gaining momentum all over the world, Google+ can prove to be a useful tool to make the most out of your campaign. Focusing [...]

Warren Buffett has given lots of fabulous advise, but what's the best advise he's ever received ? The below video Warren tells us the best advise he's received was from his dad...What was it ? great advise from Buffet Rule 1: Never lose Money Rule 2: Never forget Rule no. 1 Have a

8 Alternative Content Types for Your Blog

Content marketing is easier said than done. When people think of blogs, the first things that come to mind are text articles. That, in a world of attention deficit people—myself included—is quite a hassle considering the amount of information floating around. Don’t get me wrong, text articles are still important as they are good sources [...]

Get 70 % Discount – ONLY for the Next 3 2 Days! I want to congratulate my blogger mate Pawan (aka Max Blogger) on MaxBlogPress' 6th Anniversary. Pawan has been instrumental in creating innovative and relevant plugins for wordpress bloggers. I use all his plugins on my blog and have no hesitation in recommending the [...]

6 Benefits of PSD to HTML Conversion

In current trend of website development and designing, you've heard lots about PSD to HTML conversion such as what are the techniques, tools and strategies for converting. But most of the questions asked by users are why is it so important to convert, why do most website owners and bloggers opt for this. Below are [...]

Good Morning Sunday: Create Your Own Hoops

I am a big fan of online comics that inspire and motivate. Here is one of my favorites. Hope it You will be burned. And even embarrassed. But often, your Super Sunday and a great week ahead :) All Credits and Copyrights:

16 Tips To Help you Sell your Product With Content Marketing

Now that all is said on Digital marketing what’s left to talk about? Believe me, there is no limit to marketing tactics with new ideas. So, this keeps me blogging about Digital Marketing and the role of Content Marketing in selling products online. It’s a know fact that every e-commerce owner is Content Marketing Boulevard [...]

2 Latest and Coolest Updates from Viber

If you want to call free to anywhere in the world, you use VoIP. In the VoIP app arena, you can safely say that share videos and files directly from your gallery; and groups of up to 40 participants. Viber also syncs with your device’s mobile list, automatically detecting if your friends and family have Viber [...]

Good Morning Sunday: What are you Grateful for ?

Sit, Relax and take a deep breath ... Did you feel relaxed, a sense of inner peace, tranquility... OR Did you feel grateful for what you have in life ? Today's Good Morning Sunday post features, Timber Hawkeye, author of Buddhist Boot Camp. Timber gives an enlightening TEDx Talk, where he shares his insights on [...]