We featured President Barack Obama on our last Good Morning Sunday Series, this week we have The Kid President giving an important message to all of us. A message of hope, determination, motivation and a dream to do something awesome. I love this kid, he has a series of entertaining videos on You Tube, each [...]

Shoemoney Launches Shoe-In Money Blueprint

The internet is an awesome place, not only can you make money to pay your rent and monthly bills but go beyond to kick your 9 to 5 job and fully replace your job income with your online business. I am not saying that because I've ready about it, I am telling you because I've [...]

Google was meant to be an Online Pizza Delivery Idea

No....it's not a headline to capture your attention. It's a fact. Not a lot of us know this, when Larry Page & Sergey Brin started their online idea, it was meant to be an online Pizza delivery service. They set up the platform with contact details of a couple of pizza joints ( ie. name, [...]

The New Face of Inbound Marketing – How SEO is Changing

The way in which search engine optimisation is implemented is changing and progressing. This is something which was to be expected. After all, technology itself is moving at a rapid pace. Moreover, when an idea starts off it has to grow and flourish to reach its full potential – which is exactly what is happening with SEO  at the moment. So, how is this marketing tool changing? Guest blogging Guest blogging has soared as of late – it creates [...]

Tomorrow is Presidents' Day in the United States, a federal holiday celebrated on the third Monday of February in honor of President George Washington - The first President of United States. In honor of Presidents' Day, today's Good Morning Sunday posts features the leadership skills of the present President of United States - President Barack [...]

Your Happy Birthday Google Doodle is Here

Would you be surprised if Google greeted you with a personalized "Happy Birthday" Doodle, that's what happened when I logged into Google this morning. I was pleasantly surprised with the Happy Birthday Google Doodle - the doodle was in the form of cup cakes and candles and said "Happy Birthday Zubin!". When I clicked on [...]

3 Reasons to Create a Minimalistic Web Design

In a world of cluttered advertisements and over the top marketing techniques, it can feel as though your marketing must be ostentatious and extravagant in order to compete. However, the logos and slogans that stand the test of time always have something else going for them. Although a loud design for a website may attract [...]

12 Proven Ways to Reach Your Target Market

The methods named in this article are nothing short of stunning though the simple fact that they work. Targeting is very important if you do not want to waste hours of your time and armfuls of money whilst marketing. Here are 12 methods that you may not have thought of, and a few ways you [...]

Good Morning Sunday: How Great Leaders Inspire Action

Every wondered why Apple is able to churn out super products year after year after year after year..from the ipod to the iphone to the ipad to the ipad mini ? What makes them an innovative company ? Why can't any other company do the same as Apple does in terms of innovation ? Why [...]

7 Smart Ways to Build Your Email Newsletter Without Spending a Dime

Hush.... I'm going to show you how I grew my email list by 50% in 2 months. No, I didn't buy any traffic neither did I do a JV swap with someone; all I did was just... Hmm... I won't reveal anything yet-- you'll find out as we move on. If you're looking for ways [...]