The 3 Tickets to Success in the Social Media Circus

How to Increase Site Traffic and Improve Conversion Rates Through Social Networking - Three Tickets to Success in the Social Media Circus Like any savvy businessperson, I jumped into the social media circus to build a following and generate leads for my consulting business. I created a Facebook page and a Twitter account, and I [...]

Good Morning Sunday – Spread the Message

"Everybody in this country must learn how to program a computer...because it teaches you how to think" - Steve Jobs "I was 13 when I got access to a computer" - Bill Gates, Bill created Microsoft "My parents bought me a Macintosh in 1984 when I was 8 years old" - Jack, Jack created Twitter [...]

Top 10 Trends in Photography Website Design

Over the last few years we have seen the internet take great strides in both functionality and design. This has had an incredible effect on the web, and every website owner, from SME’s to personal blog owners have to consider how to ensure that their website utilizes the latest technology. Here are ten top trends [...]

The Panda and the Penguin: What They Mean to Your SEO Strategy

The Wild West days of SEO gunslingers are over. Sites can no longer manipulate links in order to gain more traffic, strengthening SEO and their reputations. Google is the new sheriff in town, armed with two black-and-white friends to keep the peace and restore civility to the search giant. With the Panda and Penguin updates, [...]

7 Most Effective Tips on Copywriting

Great copyrighting is an art form. It takes a lot of practice, knowing an almost hidden language, and certainly a set skill to be able to write copy that is entertaining, engaging and effective. Part of being a good copywriter is being able to understand and speak the language fundamentals that go into copywriting.  Since copyrighting is very closely linked [...]

We featured President Barack Obama on our last Good Morning Sunday Series, this week we have The Kid President giving an important message to all of us. A message of hope, determination, motivation and a dream to do something awesome. I love this kid, he has a series of entertaining videos on You Tube, each [...]

Shoemoney Launches Shoe-In Money Blueprint

The internet is an awesome place, not only can you make money to pay your rent and monthly bills but go beyond to kick your 9 to 5 job and fully replace your job income with your online business. I am not saying that because I've ready about it, I am telling you because I've [...]

Google was meant to be an Online Pizza Delivery Idea's not a headline to capture your attention. It's a fact. Not a lot of us know this, when Larry Page & Sergey Brin started their online idea, it was meant to be an online Pizza delivery service. They set up the platform with contact details of a couple of pizza joints ( ie. name, [...]

The New Face of Inbound Marketing – How SEO is Changing

The way in which search engine optimisation is implemented is changing and progressing. This is something which was to be expected. After all, technology itself is moving at a rapid pace. Moreover, when an idea starts off it has to grow and flourish to reach its full potential – which is exactly what is happening with SEO  at the moment. So, how is this marketing tool changing? Guest blogging Guest blogging has soared as of late – it creates [...]

Tomorrow is Presidents' Day in the United States, a federal holiday celebrated on the third Monday of February in honor of President George Washington - The first President of United States. In honor of Presidents' Day, today's Good Morning Sunday posts features the leadership skills of the present President of United States - President Barack [...]