Twitter’s new ‘Block Troll’ feature

You so often see users on twitter trolling on a tweet or upsetting a tweet conversation from a celebrity or a brand. This hampers the overall Twitter experience and spams users' twitter feeds. To counter this twitter has come out with a super feature that will help you block trolls or people who's tweets you [...]

Mark Zuckerberg is holding a session on June 14 to answer your questions. This session will be the first Q&A that Mark will be hosting on Facebook Live. Facebook Live is a new platform that Facebook will be launching soon, here you can scroll through the questions that are being asked while listening to him. [...]

Muhammed Ali RIP

The world's greatest is no more. Muhammed Ali was an inspiration to many around the global, not only a great sportsman but a giant of a man with super attitude and sense of humour. I loved reading his Muhammed Ali..You will always be 'The Greatest'.

Mary Meeker’s 2016 Report on Internet Trends is out

Mary Meeker's report on internet trends is one of the most awaited report by most internet folks, the report is an indepth analysis of trends and facts on the overall areas of internet and mobile. The 2016 report is packed with 213 slides of data, I've mentioned some of the key takeaways from the report [...]

6 Ways To Find A Writer For Your Blog

Every website needs content. Content is king and that will always remain true for blogs. One of the hard things is consistently creating enough content to keep up with trends and to rank in search engines. Sometimes, it can be hard to keep up and that’s when it’s time to hire a writer. Before high [...]

Twitter changes counting for 140 characters

Twitter is doing a massive change, no its not increasing the 140 character limit for tweets. Its doing away with counting the characters it did for images, @name,.@ and more. Twitter wants to be more relevant to what you want to say and wants to give you the opportunity to correctly represent your influence in [...]

Online world has become so cluttered with content and information that sometimes it may seems very challenging to deal with everything at once. In this day and age every small business owner knows that it’s paramount to have a strong online presentation but when you are on a tight budget it’s hard to decide what [...]

What will your .Blog domain be ?

I always wondered if .blog would have any significance to your blog, would you get more traffic if your blog was not a .com but a .blog ? I don't have the answer to this, and we'll have to wait and watch how .blog picks up, but it's a good opportunity for you to Automattic [...]

Accelerate through YouTube Videos in fast forward mode

If you're like me and want to flip though longer YouTube videos or only want to watch specific scenes from your favorite is a super cool option to make this possible and save time. Fast Forward is a chrome extension that will help you do this, when you install this extension it will work [...]

Google launches Bumper Ads for YouTube

Google is launching a new ad format called - "Bumper Ads" on YouTube, it's a six second video ad format that is available on the adwords dashboard on a CPM model. Publishers can use this format to According to Google 'Bumper Ads' work well if it's a combination of true view and Google preferred campaigns, [...]