Today is THE BIG day for all soccer fans. It's the greatest game on planet earth. Will it be Argentina or will it be Germany. Well, should I say will it be Messi or will it be Germany? Back in 1993 even when Messi was just 5, he was dominating on the field - Check [...]

5 Emergency Apps for iOS and Android

Natural disasters strike at any time and they have the ability to throw the lives out of gear in no time. Preparing and combating against disasters is crucial to live a stress-free life. Well, with the technology advancement, it is simple to fight, prepare and protect against disasters. Today, mobile have become an integral part [...]

FIFA 2014 is in its final week...who's going to be playing the finals ? Who's going to be winning the cup this year ? While we wait and watch the results, lets check some of the

For an online entrepreneur, internet not only brings in success but failures as well. Of course, the power and freedom offered by the internet has prompted most users to write anything and against anyone with absolute comfort. And fighting against negative sentiments can be off-putting for many. As 90% of people focus on reading reviews [...]

We featured the McDonalds FIFA ad last Sunday and got a super response to the same. Thanks for all the mails and DMs on Twitter :) keep them coming... With the Soccer fever still on, lets look at 6 FIFA World Cup 2014 Ads that will make you watch the game. 1) Beats by Dr. [...]

3 Great Ways to Improve Your Presence Online

To become a successful business online, analyzing and updating to the latest marketing techniques is a must. Companies with this approach are relishing sure-fire success and others just falter. In today’s business environment, it is crucial to realize what online business is about and how to place your site ahead of the competitors for better [...]

Speed – Why It Can Hurt SERPs and Customers?

Are you an online entrepreneur? Is your website transferring necessary traffic and conversions? If not, design, layout and content might not be the exclusive reasons! As a website owner you've to be more cautious about the loading speed as this can significantly impact its performance. Even a 0.5 second delay can frustrate customers and most [...]

Good Morning Sunday: Best FIFA World Cup Ad Ever ?

There have been some great soccer ads this year with brands competing for mind space. Nike ads have always been in the top spot at FIFA. But this ad seems to be the best ad so far at FIFA 2014 Based on simple insight of having fun kicking the ball around. Watch how Super Sunday [...]

5 Must-Have Security Apps for Women

According to many reports and surveys conducted by different sources, the global crime rate against women is 55-70%. This necessitates the significance of ensuring and employing safety and security measures for them. Protecting each and every woman across the globe is off-putting and practically impossible. But, any woman can protect herself from different kinds of [...]

"Dedda", that's what I called my father. My 21 month old son calls me by the same name. No matter what you call your Dad, you know that he's the one guy who stands behind watching you even when you think no ones watching. Anyone can be a Father but it takes a lot to [...]