The biggest and the greatest advantage of the internet is that you can access it from anywhere across the globe. If you have a blog you can access and upload new posts from any place on the globe your business is open 24/7. That's the biggest advantage and the biggest challenge. Why is it a [...]

5 Time Management Tips to Help Your Blog Succeed

Every blog starts with two essential things: passion, and ideas. That is, passion for a particular subject, and ideas of how to present it to viewers online. But after a few months, every blogger begins to feel flustered with all the tasks he or she must do in order to build up readership and maintain [...]

Mark Zuckerberg on The State of Facebook

Facebook Founder & CEO Mark Zuckerberg gave an in-depth interview with Tim O’Reilly and Federated Media’s John Battelle this week at the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco. He talks about a number of interesting things happening at Facebook, new product launches including the latest Facebook email product, privacy issues and much more. He also [...]

5 Steps To Being A Video Expert ( FREE Video Download )

Maria Andros released her second FREE video today, this one has some serious depth in content and worth in Gold. The FREE videos are from her latest - Video Conversion Formula series of videos. If you missed the first one you can watch it here. Her second FREE video is titled Instant Video Expert - [...]

5 Tips for Getting Product Reviews

Getting product reviews and testimonials is a very important part of the process of selling anything, as many prospects will read these reviews and testimonials and compare different products before deciding what they want to buy. This cycle serves two purposes. First, the reviews are informative and will help people know more about your product, [...]

Become a Video Marketing Ninja with Maria Andros

There has been no shortage lately of video products that help you make videos, video versions way out perform non-video version by almost 30 %. Video sells more than anything. If you loved “The Karate Kid” movie when you were younger, you’ll love this new FREE video tutorial series from my Canadian friend Maria Andros, [...]

How To Get Users to Engage With You On Social Media Sites

According to the 2010 Social Media Benchmarks Report by Marketing Sherpa, 64% of businesses surveyed said they are getting targeted users to engage and participate with their social media properties. This seems pretty obvious when you look at the statistics of Facebook which is arguably the most popular social media website. According to their stats [...]

6 Reasons Every Business Should Use Email Marketing

One of the greatest and most powerful components of web marketing is email. Today, there is an entire industry of companies, websites, conferences, and vendors dedicated to this subfield.  It can provide businesses and companies amazing access to their customers, along with other great benefits, but still not everyone employs it. Why? Below is a [...]

Create Stunning Videos Easily with Stinger Videos

Most marketers know that they have to first catch the attention of prospective customer in order to successfully pitch the product idea to them. That is why a large part of the advertising budgets of most large corporate get assigned to television advertising. Video sharing sites like YouTube have made it easy to deliver video [...]

3 Important Tips On Keyword Research

So we all know that keyword research is essential when it comes to internet marketing.  When you're about to embark on an epic SEO or keyword research and unpolished keyword research is worlds apart - not doing it right can tear your campaign apart.  So let's get started with 3 tips: Pay attention to the [...]