Mixing SEO with designing your site

First off, what is SEO ? Basically it is a way of optimizing your site so that it can perform well in search engines. Obviously the search engine king; Google is the main protagonist of SEO. Climbing up the rankings is the SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages) has become the life of many a web [...]

Happy 4th of July, America

Good Morning America I wish all my US readers and subscribers Happy 4 th of July :) , US Independence day falls 3 days after Canada Day ( which falls on 1st July). I am sure lot of you would have taken the weekend off and carried that barbecue & beer cans with you. I've [...]

7 Reasons Your Website Isn’t Converting

If your website isn’t generating leads and sales, you have a conversion problem. That means your website visitors aren’t taking action, and instead, they’re just backing out because your site isn’t meeting their needs. If your website isn’t converting, it could be due to one of these 7 mistakes 1 ) Your copy is difficult [...]

Tips for Choosing Colors for Your Website Design

Novice web designers will have a blast choosing color schemes for their first few web designs. However, they will soon find out why web designs are created using a very select color palette. Color does not work the some online as it does in print. Because the color will translate differently depending on the computer [...]

Celebrating Canada Day

Today is 1st July and Canada celebrates another birthday, marking the anniversary of Canadian Confederation in 1867 and the birth of Canada as a nation. Canada Day is about celebrating freedom of expression I wake up everyday and thank GOD for giving me the opportunity to live in this wonderful country. We have the best [...]

Hook On To Your Future Success

You’ve probably heard about – and very likely practiced – the technique of visualizing future success as a way of bringing it about. It’s not a magic spell, of course, but it does get your mind headed in the right direction and help to keep you from wandering off course. Here’s an image I use [...]

Logomyway – Start a logo design contest

When you start a business one of the first challenges that you'll face is to build a reputable brand identity. You'll need to invest in the overall design, logo and branding identity for your new business. Designing a unique logo can be challenging when you are competing in the market place with fortune 500 firms [...]

Is Buying Links Dangerous For Both You AND Your Competitors?

Recently Rand Fishkin over at SEOmoz has covered buying links through their weekly "Whiteboard Friday" video.  Rand explains to us three examples in which purchasing a single link has done to their rankings.  You can find all these details and the video aver at SEOmoz Google specifically states that purchasing links that do not contain [...]

If you are a blogger or an affiliate marketer wanting to specialize in PPC ( Pay Per Click ) marketing, then PPC Ian should be one of the blogs on your daily reading list. According to the Search Engine Landscape 2010, PPC spends in US in 2009 was $18 billion and accounted for 12 % [...]

Dealing Down The Duplicate Content Debacle

The Duplicate Content Debate Today, I'm going to build some backlinks for my website. Here's how I'm going to do it. I'm going to write a fantastic article. Then I'm going to take that article and submit to my top 20 favorite article directories. What's that? You don't think it's a good idea? Well I [...]