Download Thesis Theme 1.8

Chris Pearson the co-founder of the Wordpress Thesis Theme released the latest Thesis version last week - Thesis 1.8 for wordpress users. If you are a Thesis user you can now download the new version when you login into your Thesis account. The new version is a lot slicker and has got some awesome features, [...]

The Google Sandbox keeps new websites from rising through the Search Engine Results Page, because it is biased against new sites that it has not yet come to trust. It has created ruckus throughout the Internet community. This is a pretty impressive accomplishment for a phantom that may only lurk in the minds of SEO [...]

How To Maximize Your Blog Potential Through Outsourcing

For many bloggers, this may seem like blasphemy, yet for many more businesses that are using blogs as a form of marketing, outsourcing is becoming a necessity. If you are a business owner who has added a blog to your website to increase traffic and your search engine results, you may be wondering how you [...]

T3Leads: The Affiliate Network of the Next Generation

As an affiliate marketer you need to be aware of the different affiliate networks in the industry, most of the networks have affiliate programs that are niche based. Once such niche based network that caters to the financial segment is T3leads. All their affiliate programs are based on the CPA model and are in the [...]

4 Blog Niches That Always Remain Popular

A blog or a web log was intended to be a personal diary of sorts on the Internet, one that you wanted to share with your friends and anyone else who wanted to read it. But today, unless you’re a celebrity of sorts or write the most scandalous things on your blog, it’s impossible to [...]

5 Simple Ways for Generating Blog Content

The results of writing a good blog post is only limited by the amount of posts you write. Some say that in order to make money with your blog, you need to post 5-10 new posts daily. The more pages you have on your blog, the better standing you will have with Google Adsense and [...]

Download The Copywriting Scorecard for Bloggers

Darren Rowse is an authority on blogging, he runs the very successful and is also nick named Problogger. Darren has authored some very powerful ebooks that have helped more than 19,000 bloggers kick start their blogs and make money from it. His previous book 31 Days to Build a Better Blog has been downloaded [...]

Uprinting is a high quality online printing company, that you need to check if you are looking to get your business cards or your marketing co laterals printed. For over 25 years, UPrinting has been a trusted leader in online printing, featuring its signature easy-to-use website and the famous Free File Review, a complimentary proofing [...]

How To Implement An Awesome Website Design For Under $87

If you have a business website or blog that represents your business or personal brand, a strong design is highly desirable. A well designed blog or site can communicate a high level of professionalism and build confidence and trust from potential customers. Furthermore a well designed site will have a better chance of being shared [...]

The Top 5 Books for SEO

Blogs are great to stay on top of your industry with the latest trends and insights. But sometimes blogs are too brief as a medium to fully communicate an idea. Sometimes you need a gold old-fashioned book to immerse yourself into a subject to fully comprehend the depth of the discipline. Search engine optimization (SEO) [...]