Free Website Load Test with Load Impact

For all those people who thought that generating load from across the internet was inconceivable, has a different story to tell. Load Impact is a website that allows you to load test or stress test that your site can handle with only a “few mouse clicks”. With Google's new algorithm penalizing slow loading website [...]

SEO Expert Dan Lew Interviews Me

Daniel Lew is an SEO expert from Australia, he runs a great blog on SEO community - where top SEO experts share their experiences. Dan recently interviewed me where he made me spill the beans on how I started blogging, how long it took me to make my first dollar online and what makes [...]

Web Directories That You Shouldn’t Forget

Pretty much everyone that does search engine marketing has heard about DMOZ, BOTW, and the Yahoo directory. There are thousands of similar directories too. You may have your website listed in some of the better ones, you may have been rejected by others, and you might also be missing some. Here are a few that [...]

Pawan the founder of the very successful Subscribers Magnet.This plugin has the potential to increase the number of sign ups for your newsletter on your blog. Get the $477 Bonus Offer with the Subscriber Magnet! – NOW LESS THAN 24 15 HOURS LEFT ! For any blogger who ever struggled with low subscription rates, this [...]

A few months ago during my coaching program with Yaro's

Relevant Search Results with NowRelevant

How many times have you got frustrated seeing results on Google that are not relevant but only appear because they have tons of backlinks or have keyword relevancy. Check out any search results on Google you'll find at least 3 to 4 results per page that are not relevant to your search query. Not only [...]

Shoemoney System 2.0 SOLD OUT

I got mails from my readers about not being able to register for the waiting list here, you'll get an invite from Shoe when there are open spots available or when the Shoemoney System 2.0 opens up again for registration.

How to make money online with Resale Rights Products

The Internet can be a very exciting place especially when you start to make money from your website. There are many ways to make money online ie. Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, Forums, E commerce stores and much more. One of the most profitable but under utilized way to make money online is by selling resell right [...]

Publishing News: Press Releases vs. Blog Posts

With the rise of press release writer and paid submission to a variety of publishing sites. One conservative estimate listed a press release's total publication cost to be in excess of $1,000. While this might seem like a high price to pay, press releases are also one of the most effective ways to get information [...]

Shoemoney System 2.0 is Live – Grab your spot now

My buddy Shoemoney has re-opened the doors to the now legendary Shoemoney System 2.0 . This is the version 2 of the original system which four month ago was a sell out in less than 72 hours. Shoe still owns the number Google Image results for “Adsense Check” peeking out from behind his first 6 [...]