Online Strategies for Pest Control Advertising

The pest control services industry in the United States comprises approximately 12,000 establishments that generate total annual revenue of around $9billion. The demand for the products and services is governed by occupancy of commercial spaces and home sales. The comparatively larger companies’ benefit from the fact that they already have an established brand and therefore [...]

Super deal on Scribe ends in less than 48 hours

The makers of the Thesis Theme recently launched another killer product - Scribe. Scribe helps enhance your content and rank high on search engines. Scribe is now in a new and improved Avatar and has a special deal only for the next 48 hours. What is Scribe ? - Scribe is a content optimization service [...]

Three Ways to Attract People to Your Blog

Attracting people to your blog really is important for your corporate websites’ overall SEO value. The more useful information that people find from your blog about your company, the more they will trust it. Those who have a blog that is filled with useful and unique content are those who will rank higher, get more [...]

DirectCPV: A great alternative to Pay Per Click model

If you've been surfing blogs in the internet marketing space you may have come across heavy advertising and promotion on top blogs about a service called Cost Per View, it's also referred as PPV or Pay Per View. In this blog post we will be using the term CPV to make it simpler to understand. [...]

Make Money Online with the Ultimate Blogging Theme 3.0

The 16 year old Kid Blogger "Carl Ocab" has launched version 3 of one the best selling wordpress themes - The Ultimate Blogging Theme. We had earlier done a review and a discount coupon offer of the Ultimate Blogging Theme when it had first launched about 17 months ago, it's been the most commented on [...]

New businesses and those new to online marketing can be pulled into traps when they are looking for someone to conduct there SEO campaign. So if you are one of those that need help with their SEO (Search Engine Optimization) then you could find yourself falling into the grubby hands of some “dodgy” SEOs. Just [...]

Three simple practices to manage time effectively

"Very few people have enough time and yet almost everyone has all the time in the world." What is time management & why is time management important: Your simple practice to effective time management. Time management is a range of skills, tools and technique used to manage time when accomplishing specific tasks, projects and goals. [...]

Basic Methods for Building Website Traffic

All websites would appreciate higher site traffic. After creating a website, webmasters should focus their time to building website traffic. This is especially important for revenue generating websites or blogs like online stores, affiliated websites and those earning through paid advertisements. The question is, what are the methods to accomplish this task? The first thing [...]

On the web "Traffic is everything", well that's not true targeted traffic is everything. Let's take an example here, if you are selling high end shoes online what will you do with traffic that comes from an auto site or a health forum, not much.... the traffic is not targeted. But what happens when traffic [...]

5.5 Link Building Strategies You Aren’t Using

Article marketing, social bookmarks, forum signatures... are the standard link building techniques becoming boring? Has your site stalled in the search rankings? Looking for more diversity in your link building efforts? I want to show you 5 (and a half) diversified strategies. My “secret weapons” that you are probably not using on a regular basis. [...]