Dealing Down The Duplicate Content Debacle

The Duplicate Content Debate Today, I'm going to build some backlinks for my website. Here's how I'm going to do it. I'm going to write a fantastic article. Then I'm going to take that article and submit to my top 20 favorite article directories. What's that? You don't think it's a good idea? Well I [...]

Branding Yourself as an Online Expert

Being an expert at what you do is important, but possibly of even more value to your career is knowing how to brand yourself as such. After all, you have to get the job before you can excel at it. This becomes even more vital when your area of expertise is an online field, and [...]

The Top 8 Ways To Advertise Your Business

Advertising your business is absolutely essential if you want to succeed and make money online You should regularly be putting yourself out there, attracting new customers and reminding old ones about your business. Make sure to make the most of your advertising dollar, though, by using the right methods. Here are 8 tried and tested [...]

With the growth of Twitter and Facebook, URL shortners have become a rage, all tweets on Twitter are redirected via a URL shortening service. Soon we may also see Facebook and other networks use URL shortners avoiding URLs with long and ugly characters. One of my readers sent me a link with a URL shortening [...]

Don’t Just Think, Do It

When running a website—or any business for that matter—one of the biggest plagues that an individual can do is spend all of their time thinking about their business without actually working on it. Most entrepreneurs have been guilty of this. They sit down with a notebook, start writing down ideas that they have, come up [...]

WordPress 3.0 is now live

When you log into your wordpress admin panel, you'll see a message sitting on top of the panel that says “WordPress 3.0 is available! Please update now.” Wordpress 3.0 is the much awaited wordpress version, Matt and team has been working tirelessly to release this. Its one of the major wordpress updates. When you update [...]

I Thank You All

Design Crowd ran a contest last month where bloggers had to write a post about Design Crowd and about their contest, the blog that got the highest number of tweets would be the winner. I am happy that this blog got over 200 tweets for the contest post ( 205 to be exact )and was [...]

Analysis – A Well Designed Website vs. A Pathetic One

Let’s say your business website looks awesome, but it doesn’t bring you any sales. Is it good for you? Let’s say you have another website that doesn’t look too good, but it makes you money. Isn’t it good for you? Which one is pathetic? You will say, “Of course, the one that is not helping [...]

Manage Multiple Blogs with Kish Multi Pro Plugin

Managing blogs may not be a big task, when you have one or at most two blogs. But what if you have more than two blogs, maybe four blogs or many be ten blogs. I know of a blogger who run a network of 10 blogs. Managing ten blog is a hurriculan task, not only [...]

Tips for Social Media Marketers

At times social media marketing and the networking aspect of it all can be over whelming and stressful. I know this because everyday of my life has some part of social networking and or social media marketing added into it. The important thing to remember about social networking and social media marketing is that it’s [...]