8 Be-Willing-To’s That Will Lead to a Successful Blog

On the last day of one of my editing classes in blogging for a while and have seen limited success, you should mix things up a bit. Try posting about topics you’ve never covered before. Comment and guest post on blogs that you’ve never been to before and never guest posted on before. Try a [...]

What Makes a Blog Successful?

It’s a question that many people would like to have the answer(s) to.  After all, the proliferation of blogs—giving way for an entire new cyber-term, the ‘blogosphere’—is one of the main engines for the expansion of the successful blog.  At the most basic level, creating a successful blog is much the same as creating any [...]

Print Quality Business Cards for Less with PrintRunner

If you've confirmed your registration for a networking conference and have run out of business cards then you are not alone. A majority of professional run out of business cards and remember it only on the day of the conference or a business meeting. It happened to me recently and it does not feel good [...]

5 Creative Ways to Utilize Cloud Storage

There are lots of cloud storage groups out there today. With it's January 2010 update to Google Docs, the search engine giant stepped onto the field; Dropbox is becoming increasingly popular; and Microsoft has advanced servers designed specifically for cloud purposes. Alternatives for cloud storage abound, however, many people are only using this space to [...]

My friend Daniel Lew has just released - Keyword Winner, one of the top SEO Plugins for wordpress blogs. I could not help but pick up a copy of the plugin for the blog. What is Keyword Winner ? Keyword Winner is a Premium SEO plugin that makes writing posts and ranking high in the [...]

Using a Few Tactics to Improve Rankings on Your Site Overtime!

SEO techniques fly around all over the internet, but generally speaking they are always the same. Never do you find something that is even slightly different. I think that in some cases even an idea on a particular topic can spark an enquiry by other SEO’s and I find this intriguing. Anyway, back to the [...]

Building Mini-Sites for Long-tail Keyword Phrases

You might not know it yet, but Mini-Sites are the key to expanding your online business, gaining more traffic, and having more keyword phrase for your website and to go forward, the first step is to start your research engine and start targeting many different long-tail keyword phrases that you think will convert for you. [...]

Monetize your Green Website with Eco-Friendly Advertising

Monetizing your green website is just like monetizing any other kind of website. Before you even dream about monetizing your green website, you need to understand how the green community works in order to leverage your blog and increase your traffic. If you're hoping to build your community (before attempting to monetize), here's some simple [...]

Vote for my friend Joe

My buddy and good friend Joe Daley of LogoMyWay, has been shortlisted for an online contest hosted by Entrepreneur Magazine. The contest is sponsored by Kodak and is called the Kodak Home Office Prosper Contest. Joe is presently at 5th place and needs your vote to help him win the contest. The contest is very [...]

Blog Action Day 2010: Clean Water

Today is blog action day, a day where more than thousands of bloggers from around the globe will blog about one issue. One burning issue will be the focus of the post. Last year, more than 13,000 bloggers participated from 152 countries. The event chosen for this years blog action day is to create awareness [...]