Analysis – A Well Designed Website vs. A Pathetic One

Let’s say your business website looks awesome, but it doesn’t bring you any sales. Is it good for you? Let’s say you have another website that doesn’t look too good, but it makes you money. Isn’t it good for you? Which one is pathetic? You will say, “Of course, the one that is not helping [...]

Manage Multiple Blogs with Kish Multi Pro Plugin

Managing blogs may not be a big task, when you have one or at most two blogs. But what if you have more than two blogs, maybe four blogs or many be ten blogs. I know of a blogger who run a network of 10 blogs. Managing ten blog is a hurriculan task, not only [...]

Tips for Social Media Marketers

At times social media marketing and the networking aspect of it all can be over whelming and stressful. I know this because everyday of my life has some part of social networking and or social media marketing added into it. The important thing to remember about social networking and social media marketing is that it’s [...]

3 Google SERPs Checker Tools Review

One of the things I always have handy in my SEO toolbox is a SERP checker. These tools relieve some of the boredom caused by endlessly repeating manual analysis and they also save plenty of time when working out how keywords affect my page rankings. Market Samurai Rank Tracker Firstly, I’m looking at Market Samurai [...]

Online Profits re-opens and now its FREE

Daniel has gone crazy, no I am serious. For those who don't know Daniel, he is the brain behind the super success of Online Profits. Online Profits is an online training course mentored by top internet marketers and bloggers that teaches you almost every possible detail that you need to know to make a full [...]

How Kiosks Can Benefit Your Company

First, let’s define what kind of kiosks we’re talking about here. We’re not talking about the kind that are staffed by someone trying to hand you a free sample at the mall. What we are talking about are self-service kiosks – the kind that help you do something useful all by yourself. Self-service kiosks have [...]

Firefox is no doubt the best browser, the open source platform to develop add-ons or Firefox plug-ins is even better and makes it easy to install applications directly from your browser. I recently downloaded a FREE trial version for a Twitter What is Wordstream ? Wordstream is a search engine marketing software company that will [...]

What does it take to make a $500k blog ?

John Chow is a well known blogger in the "Make Money Online" niche, I am blessed to have him as a good friend and mentor. But not a lot of you know that John is a very simple and down to earth guy, he'll go out of his way to help you. He does not [...]

Online Strategies for Pest Control Advertising

The pest control services industry in the United States comprises approximately 12,000 establishments that generate total annual revenue of around $9billion. The demand for the products and services is governed by occupancy of commercial spaces and home sales. The comparatively larger companies’ benefit from the fact that they already have an established brand and therefore [...]

Super deal on Scribe ends in less than 48 hours

The makers of the Thesis Theme recently launched another killer product - Scribe. Scribe helps enhance your content and rank high on search engines. Scribe is now in a new and improved Avatar and has a special deal only for the next 48 hours. What is Scribe ? - Scribe is a content optimization service [...]