3 Advanced SEO Tips Every Blogger Should Know

There can only be one person ranking for the number one position. In some niches, competition can be fierce and require extreme attention to detail in order to win and take that number “1” spot. These are some techniques I use when competing for a competitive term. #1 Use archives and categories to keep posts [...]

How to Sell Ice to Eskimos

If you want to be a great marketer, you first need to be a super seller. If you have great selling skills and techniques you can sell anything to anyone. Thankfully selling is not rocket science, its a skill that can be learnt. My buddy Shoemoney just released a FREE PDF report titled "Weapons of [...]

How to Convince Your Boss To Let You Start a Company Blog

The marketing environment is currently in a transition phase in which more and more marketing spending is shifting away from traditional media like print and television and more toward online channels. A widely circulated report by Outsell projected that spending online marketing would outpace print methods in 2010, which would be the first time this [...]

Blogworld is one of the largest blogging and new media conference that takes places each October in Las Vegas. The Blogworld & New Media Expo 2010 will take place at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center, beginning with the exclusive Social Media Business Summit (TM) conference on October 14th and continuing with the BlogWorld & New [...]

Social Media as an Investment

When you are working on marketing something, whether it is a business, a social media, but it does not have to take much money. This is more of a sweat equity investment than a cash investment.  For instance, many people are now on Facebook. You can create a personal page as well as a business business relationships [...]

Today I have the pleasure of introducing Daniel Lew Daniel travels around regularly to and from Thailand and other parts of the globe both expanding his client database by networking, marketing and blogging. He has had the pleasure of owning several internet companies in the past 5 years some in which are SEO related with [...]

One of the trending topics on twitter and across the internet this week is Octopus Paul. Paul predicts the winning teams before the soccer game, his success rate has been as high as 85 % with 11 out of 13 matches correctly predicted. It is believed that Octopus Paul can see the future and predict [...]

Bring Traffic to Your Website or Blog Through Twitter

Have you hopped on the social media bandwagon yet ? It’s 2010 and here we are, immersed in social networking. People are practically addicted to checking their Twitter streams, updating Facebook, and the like. So what are you waiting for? use Twitter, and all social media, to effectively get more traffic to your site, you [...]

My Content Spinning Blunder: Google Stop Words

Hey everyone. For those that know me as a post), and have always felt secure in my mass directory submissions because I follow a comprehensive article spinning protocol that I always felt protected me from Google figuring out that the dozens of articles I had distributed into the world were, in fact, the same article [...]

9 of the Best Firefox Addons for SEO and Web Development

I have seen a number of great articles on the web with people’s preferred Firefox addons. I agree with some them and have also found some new ones to play with. So to return the favor, so to speak, I am going to release what I think are the most useful Firefox addons in regard [...]